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By jj, 03/28/22, 3:30PM CDT


Nominations of potential candidates are now being accepted for the AHAI Board

This notice is being sent to Affiliate Presidents made available to the Membership.

Nominations of potential candidates are now being accepted for the AHAI Board of Directors and must be submitted to the AHAI Nominating Committee Chairperson by May 8, 2022, 5PM CST.

The date for the Annual AHAI meeting is Saturday, June 4, 2022.

AHAI Rules and Regulations

4.4.1 Shall include at least two (2) members of the AHAI Board of Directors whose seats
are not up for re-election.
4.4.2 The duties of the Committee shall consist of:
a. Soliciting and collecting the names and qualifications of individuals who wish to
be considered on an individual basis for election to the AHAI Board of Directors.
b. Within 60 days of the Annual Meeting, shall inform the Affiliate Organizations of
AHAI by mail of the requirements and deadlines for becoming a candidate for
c. At least forty-two (42) days in advance, or six (6) weeks of the Annual Meeting,
any adult individual who wishes to run for election for the AHAI Board of Directors
shall submit his or her name as well as a written biography to the AHAI Nominating
d. No later than twenty-one (21) days, three (3) weeks, before the Annual Meeting,
the AHAI Nominating Committee shall disseminate to all Affiliate Organizations of
AHAI, by electronic mail and by publication on AHAI's website, a list of all names
submitted accompanied by their respective biographies.

e. The AHAI Board of Directors or any AHAI participant/member may issue an
endorsement of or opposition to any candidate so long as said endorsement or
opposition does not disparage or demean any candidate.
f. The AHAI Board of Directors may issue a position paper on any candidate or
group of candidates in the mailing to the Affiliate Organizations. If an individual AHAI
member wishes to submit an endorsement of or opposition to any candidate(s),
AHAI agrees to include said position statement with the Initial AHAI electronic
mailing only. The individual member who submits a position paper agrees to pay
his or her proportionate share for the expenses of creating and mailing the position
paper. Any position paper submitted by the AHAI Board or any AHAI individual
member shall be limited to one communication to AHAI Affiliate Organizations.
g. All of the above may be submitted electronically.
4.4.3 At the AHAI Annual Meeting, present Affiliate Organizations shall vote for up to
five (5) individuals from the list of nominations. The vote may be an individual vote for
each candite or a “slate” vote at the discretion of the AHAI Board of Directors. The votes
shall be counted by members of the Nominating Committee and overseen by an AHAI
Officer. The top five (5) individuals garnering the most votes shall be elected as Directors
to the AHAI Board

Submit your nomination along with a brief biography to:

Anita Lichterman, AHAI Nominating Committee Chairperson