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Classified Ad Directions

If you or your association/club has a classified ad related to Illinois ice hockey, such as a job offering or help wanted, something for sale or wish to purchase, etc., just e-mail the AHAI Webmaster with the information!

Make sure you list the offering, price, if applicable, contact phone number and email address (Contact information must be supplied or the free classified ad will not be published).

Please let us know when the offering in the ad has been fulfilled so we can remove it from the website.

The service is free and hopefully will assist everyone.

JJ O'Connor

JJ O'Connor

AHAI Webmaster


AHAI Communications Manager Independent Contractor Position

Communications Director is responsible for the overall AHAI communications and brand continuity on all electronic, social media, and traditional communications tools.

The goals and responsibilities of the position include facilitating the growth and positive perception of AHAI as more than just a governing body by increasing the flow of timely, relevant and interesting information and celebrating the successes of our Associations and their individual teams and skaters using all means available including newsletters, social media and traditional media.  
Advertise, promote, and raise awareness through Social Media and Publications responsibilities of key AHAI sponsored events.

Job Description and Responsibilities