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STOP Patch Program

The Amateur Hockey Association Illinois, Inc. will once again be providing, free of charge, the S.T.O.P.program for all of your players for the upcoming season. We encourage your association/club to fully participate in this awareness campaign to make our game even safer for our young players.

The program involves providing your youth players with a 3" embroidered S.T.O.P. Patch which they wear on the center back of their jersey (both home and away) to remind the opposing player any hit from behind is both extremely dangerous and a cheap shot.

The S.T.O.P. Patch looks identical to a regular street Stop Sign. A cover letter is normally sent with the embroidered S.T.O.P. Signs to the local organization/club and/or team and a 5.5" x 8.5" flyer on bright red paper is normally provided to each player when the S.T.O.P. Signs are distributed informing them as to the purpose and meaning of the program and also where to place the S.T.O.P. Sign on their jersey (for consistency).

AHAI uses funds from its USA Hockey Block Grant and the Blackhawk Charities Grant to subsidize this S.T.O.P. Program. We do not charge our members for these S.T.O.P. Signs but we do require each organization/team to indicate the exact number of players (x 2 jerseys for travel teams) for each order so none are wasted.

Parents have been extremely enthusiastic about this program to help ensure all players on their team as well as opposing teams have these S.T.O.P. Signs on their backs.

If you are interested in participating, contact AHAI by sending an e-mail to AHAI STOP Patch Program at indicating the number of players (home and away jerseys for travel teams) and patches you would like so the total order can be immediately fulfilled. Please provide a shipping address as to where to send the patches (No P.O. Box please).

We hope your team and organization/club will be participating.