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Safety & Protection

With non-stop action and high-speed team play, hockey is one of the most exciting sports. Sometimes called "the fastest game on ice," it's a great way to get exercise, and with growing youth and adult programs throughout the country, chances are no matter what your age or skill level, there is a league near you to play in within Illinois.

As fun as it is, though, hockey carries a risk of injury.

AHAI, along with USA Hockey, has developed numerous programs and initiatives to further reduce the risk of injuries. These include the Heads Up — Don't Duck program, Concussion Safety & Education, Flu Prevention techniques, the STOP Patch program and checking clinics to teach the proper techniques of body contact and body checking.

In addition, AHAI has various policies which further ensures participant safety. These include a Screening Policy for all adults who have contact with minor age players, Sexual Abuse Policy, Physical Abuse Policy, Locker Room Boxing Policy, Hazing Policy, Co-Ed Locker Room Policy, and a Locker Room Supervision Policy (see Policies under Inside AHAI tag).

AHAI also has implemented safety for coaches and on-ice instructors with the mandatory helmet requirement for all on-ice coaches/instructors and a Coaching Code of Ethics each coach is required to sighn each season (also see Policies under Inside AHAI tag).

There are also additional penalties imposed on players who receive a penalty for fighting.

We encourage all players, coaches, referees, administrators and parents to review often all of the safety programs and policies so we keep our kids "safe" while playing our great game.

Mike Mullally

Safety & Protection Chairperson

Phone: 224/636-3217