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Referee Program

Illinois Hockey Officials Association

The purpose of the Illinois Hockey Officials Association is to register, train and evaluate duly registered hockey officials in the State of Illinois for the purposes of improving the quality of amateur hockey officiating in the state; to insure uniformity of rules interpretations; to create a better understanding between officials, coaches and players; to develop more efficient officials; to maintain the highest standards of officiating; and to provide a forum for discussion and a medium for dissemination of information on hockey rules and interpretations.

Each year, AHAI shall approve, by August 30th of the fiscal year one, (1) referee association to represent and act on behalf of the interest of AHAI in regards to officials. All officials (referees and/or linesmen) must be registered with USA Hockey and AHAI through that approved Referee Association and must wear the current USA Hockey Officials crest as prescribed.

A referee who is properly registered with USA Hockey/AHAI and the AHAI approved referee association will be eligible to officiate any and all games played between USA Hockey/AHAI properly registered teams. Teams not properly registered with USA Hockey/AHAI will not be allowed to use the services of the AHAI approved referee association.

In addition, the AHAI Board of Directors shall appoint an AHAI Supervisor of Officials. The AHAI Supervisor of Officials shall:

1. Be responsible for implementing those policies established by
the Board of Directors to register, control, evaluate and
establish standards of conduct for all on-ice officials within
the jurisdiction of AHAI.

2. Act as liaison between AHAI and the USA Hockey Central District Referee-In-Chief.

3. Act as liaison between AHAI and its designated officials

4. Act as liaison between AHAI and member amateur hockey
programs and/or organizations in matters of officials and/or
rule interpretations.

5. Disseminate all rule interpretations received from USA Hockey
and AHAI.

6. Coordinate with the Tournament Committee and be responsible assign qualified officials to all AHAI sponsored games.

7. Perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned the President or the Board of Directors.

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