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Coaching Program

AHAI Announces 2019-20 Coaching Education Program Clinics!

AHAI has announced the Coaching Education Program Clinics for the 2019-20 season. 

All ice hockey coaches as well as instructors of USA Hockey programs shall be registered for the current season (before the start of the season) in order to be eligible to coach/instruct in any regular-season activities (practices, clinics, games, tournaments, try- outs, etc.), state, district, regional playoff, national championships or in the USA Hockey Player Development Programs.

Online Age-Specific Modules

USA Hockey is pleased to announce that the online age-specific modules are available at this time. All modules must be completed by Dec. 31. You will need to complete the module(s) for the age level(s) of play that you are currently coaching. You do not need to retake a module if you completed it last season. If you are coaching multiple age levels then you will need to complete the module for each age group.

The information in the modules will be available until April 30th but you must pass all chapters by Dec. 31st to meet the Coaching Education Program requirement. Also as a reminder, if your certification level is expired, or expiring on Dec. 31, 2019, you must attend a clinic or recertify your Level 3 by Dec. 31st.
Thank you for all that you do for youth hockey and good luck this season.

Click here for information about USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program.

2019-20 CEP Clinic Requirements

 (A Coach must also be screened — this is mandatory)


You should check out the actual Requirements of the USAH Guide, either hard copy or at the USA Hockey web site.

We have also set the Requirements out at the end of this summary.

Please, keep in mind, what you are reading here is just a Summary to try to explain the Requirements and give examples. AHAI will follow this Summary as an AHAI Rule (“Rules”) except if they are contradictory to the actual USAH Rules, however, if the Rules are more strict than the USAH Rules, AHAI will follow its Rules. AHAI will look to the Rules Summary in interpreting the Rules.

It is the Coach and the Organization’s responsibility to be familiar with and comply with the Rules. It is not the responsibility of AHAI to “police” knowledge of or compliance with the Rules.

AHAI does not generally “police” the compliance with the Rules. The State Tournament Committees will use reasonable efforts to check accreditation for the State Tournament. Regardless of the effort of the State Tournament Committee, it is the responsibility of the Coach to comply with the Rules. The Rules apply to any AHAI game, not just the State Tournament and that is the coach and the organization’s responsibility to comply.

If there is any question about the Rules and/or compliance, the Coach and the Organization have the entire responsibility to inquire of AHAI in writing to obtain an answer to the question.

General: Essentially, each coach (head coach and assistants) must attend the appropriate level Coaches Education Program and verify their USAH CEP database information on the USA Hockey website: before coaching or they are not accredited and are not eligible to be on the bench or any coaching activity.

If you are on the bench or on the ice or doing anything that can be considered “coaching,” you need to meet the Requirements.

AHAI has announced the Coaching Education Program Clinics for the 2019-20 season. All coaches are required to be certified at the appropriate level for the upcoming season.

CEP Requirements For 2019-20 Season and Beyond

(2) Evidence of Level
All USA Hockey coaches will possess a USA Hockey Coaching Education Program card with valid certification stickers (if certification was received prior to September 1, 2011), or a printout from the USA Hockey online certification list (if certification was received after September 1, 2011).
It is the responsibility of the local association to identify those coaches who do not meet the certification requirements. All coaches have until December 31 of the current season to attend a USA Hockey coaching clinic and complete the online age-specific playing level module to become properly certified.
Prior to the start of all games throughout the season all coaches are required to indicate their current certification status on the scoresheet, regardless of their certification level. All coaches (except for juniors) must legibly print their USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) card number, their CEP level (levels 1-5), their online age-specific playing level module and the year their CEP level was attained.
Beginning January 1 of the current season, prior to the start of each game, all coaches present are required to sign the designated area of the score sheet in order to verify the accuracy of the playing roster, as it appears on the score sheet, for that game.
(3) Penalty and Enforcement
All coaches must have current certification and online component verification beginning January 1 of the current playing season. Any coach not in possession of these requirements will be ineligible to coach for the remainder of the season. Districts and/or affiliates are required to uphold this penalty. It will be the responsibility of the local association registering the team to enforce the national policy.
Non-compliance penalties for Junior coaches will be determined by the Junior Council.
(4) Junior Hockey Requirements
All (head and assistant) Tier I and II coaches are required to be certified at Level 4 (attendance at Level 1-3 prerequisites not required). All Tier III coaches (head and assistant) are required to be certified at Level 4 (attendance at a Level 3 clinic is required).
(1) Student Coach
A player age 13 through 17 who is currently properly registered with USA Hockey may serve as a Student Coach.
(2) Qualifications
• Must attend a training session conducted by the local hockey association for whom they are a Student Coach..
• Must always be under the supervision of a carded, screened adult coach during all practices, clinics, try-outs and in the locker room.
• May help out at practices, clinics, try-outs only. (May not participate as a player in scrimmages or games when acting as a STUDENT COACH).
• May not act as a head coach or an assistant coach during practices or games.
• Must wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves and skates while on the ice. 
• May only work with players at least one full playing age level below the STUDENT COACH (e.g., a Bantam age player may act as a STUDENT COACH at the Pee Wee, Squirt or Mite level).
• The organization that is using the STUDENT COACH must provide a form indicating on the team on which he/she is participating as a STUDENT COACH, and, if applicable, what team he/she is properly registered/rostered as a player. A model form is available on the website.
• Upon reaching the age of 18, the STUDENT COACH must comply with the USA Hockey Screening Program and meet the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program requirements which will qualify him/her to act as an assistant or head coach.
All USA Hockey ice hockey coaches (head and assistant) and instructors must abide by the USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code, and understand that violations may result in full or partial forfeiture of coaching privileges in programs, at sites or events under USA Hockey’s governance.
All coaches have an obligation to be familiar with USA Hockey’s Coaching Ethics Code. Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of an ethical standard is not itself a defense to a charge of unethical conduct. The USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code can be found online at under Coaches.

2019-20 Documents

Coaching Contacts

Jim Clare

Coaching Program (CEP) Chair

John Dunne

Executive Director