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Inside AHAI

What is AHAI?

The Amateur Hockey Association Illinois was founded as the  governing body of Illinois amateur hockey in 1975. During that  season, AHAI was recognized as a sanctioned affiliate of USA Hockey which was appointed by the United States Congress as the governing body of American Hockey.

Today, the AHAI is the fifth largest American amateur ice hockey association and is a dynamic force in the molding of amateur hockey in America.

AHAI consists of over 2500 member teams of all sizes and shapes. There are boys' and girls' teams. There are pre-mite teams (for the 5 and 6 year olds), house league youth teams, all-star youth travel teams, high school teams, girl's/women's teams, in-line teams, youth and adult sled teams, special hockey teams, deaf/hard of hearing teams, adult teams, and Junior teams for the top contenders in Illinois.

Since its inception in 1975, AHAI has made great strides in the development of American amateur hockey. It has provided leadership in revising game playing rules which has resulted in amateur hockey being one of the safest of all amateur sports; it has fielded numerous national championship teams; it has provided the opportunity for players to participate in the prestigious Junior "A" or "B" leagues, college hockey and even NHL hockey.

AHAI has sent over 3,700 young players to U.S. Olympic Training Camps, where players are evaluated as being potential members of future U.S. Olympic and U.S.A. National hockey teams.

AHAI is operated under a strict set of By-Laws which are established  by member teams. These By-Laws and the Association Rules and  Regulations are carried out by the Board of Directors which are  elected by the membership of the Association.

On the national basis, AHAI is a part of USA Hockey's Central District which includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. As a combine of associations, the Central District of USA Hockey is the largest provider of American ice hockey talent.

Since its beginning however, AHAI has become established as one of the outstanding amateur hockey programs in America. It provides programs and leadership opportunities for players, coaches, managers, teams and hockey associations throughout Illinois. It has established the Illinois amateur hockey scene as one of the finest amateur athletic programs in America. AHAI is dedicated to the development of today's youth through Athletic and Academic excellence.

As another hockey season begins, the Amateur Hockey Association Illinois will continue this tradition.

AHAI Mission

"Provide an improved grassroots foundation for the growth and development of  USA Hockey and its members, designing programs aimed at encouraging increased participation, improved skills and a responsible environment for the conduct of youth hockey."

AHAI Contact Info

John Dunne
Executive Director
Phone # 224.636.3215

AHAI Mailing Address

The AHAI Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1636
Warrenville, IL 60555

All mail must be sent to the AHAI Mailing Address above and
not to the Edge Ice Arena Address in Bensenville, Illinois.